Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthday Party! {Albuquerque Party Photographer}

I got to photograph Abigail's 8th birthday party Friday night! The kids had so much fun and she was definitely the life of the party...
I love this one of her dad throwing her in the air.
Ok...Heather is so fun to photograph! She always has the cutest ideas.
Yummy homemade cupcakes by Heather!
The beautiful birthday girl getting ready for everyone to sing to her.

It was so windy...they couldn't get the candles to stay lit!
This one cracks me up...the kids thought it was so funny to attack Cole (Abigail's dad).
Everyone decided Heather needed to get in the pool!
Elijah (Abigail's brother) having fun on the slide. I love this one with grandpa holding out his hands just waiting to catch Elijah.
Heather and Cole playing around...I was laughing so hard watching them I could hardly hold my camera!

Noah & Abby :)


Anonymous said...

I love how crisp everything turned out. Looks like y'all had a blast! What a fun party!

That one of the three people falling in is so surreal. Love how the foot has just left the side of the pool.

Tammy Staley said...

Love these! Best party pictures ever. :)