Friday, June 26, 2009

Botanical Gardens {Albuquerque Photographer}

Here are more photos from our day at the botanical gardens with Kristina and the girls. We started out walking through the children's garden. The kids had fun running around looking at the giant pumpkin, ants and castle. It reminded me of the movie "Honey I Shrunk the Kids"!

Then we headed to see the train and the butterfly pavilion. The butterflies were so gorgeous. The kids loved watching them. I think they stayed in there for at least half an hour exploring and holding rolly pollies.

After the butterflies, we headed to the barn and old adobe house. By then it was getting a little too hot and the kids started to get cranky! Kristina and I decided it was time for lunch. We had a picnic on the grass and then went to the aquarium before heading home.

Thanks Kristina, you are an awesome friend and we had so much fun hanging out with you guys!!!

Michelle, Brittany and Sierra in the children's garden...
There is a button in this little house that makes the train go around the track. Of course the kids stopped and started it a million times!
Brittany and Sierra watching the trains. (Sierra pull your pants up he he!) Sierra watching the butterflies.

Sierra holding a rolly polly...she loves those things!
Awwww...they are playing nice for a change!
Kayla and Sierra still playing with the rolly pollies.
These are artichokes...who knew they were so beautiful!
Sierra really wanted to pet the duck, but I think it was scared of her!

I think this snail that Kayla and Noah found was the highlight of the day for them. They kept taking turns holding it and even named it "Garry" (from Sponge Bob). Luckily Kristina and I talked them into leaving him there instead of taking him home and sharing custody, LOL!

So sweet!

I love this one! They are so silly. son is going to be a super model like his Uncle one day. This was his idea!
This was during lunch, Brittany decided to eat hers on top of the cooler. Is she beautiful or what!
Oreo cakesters...Yum!
Thanks Michelle for taking this one of me and your mom!
The Eyink girls at the aquarium...Brittany was amazed by this giant sting ray.

Eyink Girls {Albuquerque Family Photographer}

I had SO much fun at the botanical gardens and aquarium with the lovely Eyink girls! I will have more fun photos from today to share soon. I hope you like them Krisitina...

Friday, June 19, 2009

My girl...{Albuquerque Children's Photographer}

My photography business has been slow so far this summer. At first I was bummed, but now I am just looking on the BRIGHT side. I have had tons of time to spend with my kids! We have been swimming, to the park, the library, Isotopes games and other fun things. I am really trying to soak it all in. Noah is eight now and I don't know how much longer he will want to hang out with mom! I have also been doing a lot of cooking and baking and my house has been clean. Wow, I feel like Martha Stewart!

I took these photos today of my little princess. She just woke up from her nap and was in such a good mood. She actually wanted me to take photos. Crazy huh? We had lots of fun. I can't believe in a little over a month she will be three years old! She is a handful but I love her with all my heart.

Monday, June 15, 2009


There are three things I love about these pictures of him...his eyes (he got those from his dad and papa), his freckles (he got those from me) and his beautiful long black eye lashes (I don't know where he got those!).

Race & Julie {Albuquerque Photographer}

Some fun photos I took of my brother and his friend in Old Town before he left...are they gorgeous or what???

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ayden {Albuquerque Children's Photographer}

The sweetest boy I know... he did everything I asked of him and let me take all the photographs I wanted!

He really wanted me to take this photo of his super cool truck!
Love this one...

My fave...