Monday, January 26, 2009

Lennart, Kim & Ayden

I'm back from the beautiful state of Arizona! I had a blast. My sis picked me up from the airport and we ate at Salty's (on the patio of course, it was 80 degrees!). Lennart met us there and then we picked up cupcakes from a bakery across the street(for my birthday). We went to their house, I played with Ayden, we had a super fun photo shoot at a park close by and then Lennart made us homemade chicken and shrimp enchiladas! Top it off with some Nintendo Wii and I would call my first day perfect! (The next several days I was working my butt off at the Oasis show with my dad.) Thanks Kim and Lennart, I had a wonderful time and I hope you love your pictures as much as I do!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Train Station

Our second stop was the train station downtown. The weather was perfect and the location was so awesome. We had a blast!
PS I am going to Arizona today to see my sister (Yea!) and help my dad with the Oasis show. I will post when I get back.

love this girl, she is so fun and full of energy...

she though i was getting really close and telling her not to move because i was getting a cool shot of her but really i thought it was awesome to see my reflection in her glasses...

can you say super HOT?!

Laudry Mat

I had so much fun at our photo shoot on Saturday! My friend Tammy amd I took her daughter and her daughter's friend to some spots we have been wanting to try. First up was the laundry mat! I am dying to do an engagement session here, it's so cool.

i really like this one, she looks like an angel..

i think she was born to model...

love this one, she is so pretty...

and of course I had to take some of my BEAUTIFUL friend while we were there!