Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Silverpick Lodge

This was the first night of our stay. After we checked in and unloaded our stuff we ate dinner at the Sow's Ear. Weird name but it was so yummy (not to mention soooo expensive).

This was the view from the restaurant. It was so beautiful!
I went out on the balcony and took these photos. They would be better if I had a wide angle lens, oh yeah, and if I didn't always forget my tripod.

Here is where we stayed...
The first morning we made blueberry pancakes, bacon and eggs. Breakfast was sooo good. The kids even played nice and watched cartoons together!
Then when it warmed up a little and we all went out and played in the snow! (I didn't even notice until I was editing that Sierra's pants were falling off :)
Noah was laughing because he had just hit my mom with a snowball and the one where it looks like my mom is hitting Sierra in the head is so funny. She was just throwing snow at her. (My dad took the one of me and Craig)

Don't you love how she is trying to carry a snowball bigger then her? She cracks me up!

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