Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back from California

Tammy and I had a BLAST on our trip! A shout out to Jeff, Mo and Hadley (Tammy's brother in law, sister and 6 month old niece) for letting us stay in their gorgeous home in Sunnyvale. And to Jeff for the amazing Salmon dinner and special hot cocoa he made for us, soooooooo good! Mo and Kelly (their cousin) went to the Sandy Puc seminar with Tammy and me. It focused on photographing children to teens. If you get a chance to attend one you really should. Next year is all about families and I am really excited about that one!

Sunday we went shopping at the mall and then headed to Santa Cruz to take some pictures of Jeff, Mo and Hadley on the beach. The board walk was closed because it was a little cold and windy but that was great because we had the beach all to ourselves!

On Monday Mo was so sweet to drive us to San Francisco and to Sausalito where we had lunch and picked up some goodies for the kids. Then we headed to Cuesta Park for sessions Tammy and I had booked with two adorable 18 month olds and their families. I am working on those so I will have some to share soon!

This is how Tammy and I feel when we are on vacation in California with no kids! (we really missed them though)....taken by Mo Fay
the beach, yea!!!!!!!i am thinking about my hot hubby right here, tammy just happend to get a shot of it :)the boardwalk in santa cruzthe lemon tree i fell in love with in the back yard at Mo's house...


Jeff Fay said...


It was great having you and Tammy visit this past weekend. You both were wonderful guests and are welcome back anytime.

Thank you for taking all the pictures of our family; and for having the patience to get this stubborn ol’ guy off the couch and into the photos during March Madness.

The few proofs I've seen thus far are amazing and I know I'll cherish these captured memories with my family forever.

Your California Friends,

The Fays

The Wades said...

Happy post--happy lemon. You and Tammy both look smokin' out there. I'm jealous I wasn't with you guys. (not on the beach jumping--just hanging out with two cool photographers and friends.) Hot chocolate?? Geez.

What did you think of the seminar? Was it what you expected?

Jeff sounds so sweet--what a comment!