Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For Kim...

These pictures are for my sis....her baby is here visiting us and she is missing him. (I will share more about our fun photo day and the other boys, including my baby, tomorrow.) I love you Kim!

Cousins ...This one cracks me up...(he is so hot he is wiping the sweat off his brow, LOL)
Our second spot...I kept moving his hair out of his eyes and he though it was so funny to fix it like this as soon as I held the camera up to take his picture...such a silly boy!My fave...OK, he really needs to be a model for GAP kids...We tried to get these two to sit together but they wouldn't have it so I decided to get these cool shots... aren't they so darn cute?!? This one makes my heart happy...(you can totally tell he is smiling and being mischievous)

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Tammy Staley said...

Great job! I love how you put the two boys together and I think my fave is probably the last one.