Monday, April 20, 2009

Boys afternoon...{Albuquerque Portrait Photographer}

Tammy and I took just the boys to a new spot in the Bosque. It is beautiful and when the trees finally get their green leaves it will be even better! The boys had fun hiking, collecting sticks and playing down by the river. We even bribed them with ice cream afterwards to get a few photos out of them. It worked!

This handsome boy is about to be 11 years old!

My fave...

I love how Noah has almost the same face in all his photos...that is just his look right grown serious. I still heart every one of them!


Tammy Staley said...

Amazing! I love your eye. I love all of them, I can't pick just one.

Robin said...

awesome session! Love the backlighting! That little guy's eyes are amazing! Love the light through the tree too.

Great work!