Saturday, November 29, 2008


My sister and nephew showed up and surprised us for Thanksgiving! We went to a buffet for lunch (lame, I know) and when the waiter took us to our table, my sis and nephew were already sitting there. I was so shocked and then so excited! I had been moping around all week because I thought she wasn't coming. We both had tears in our eyes. I can't even began to explain the bond we share. Anyways, we are going to have a great time while she is here. We have already done some shopping and we plan to go see the new Christmas movie with Reese Witherspoon. While we were out shopping yesterday, my sister just happened to have this awesome outfit on and I just happened to have my camera so when I saw this spot outside a toy store she agreed to be my model. There were a lot of people walking by and we had a few of them make comments and whistle (can you blame them?) All I can say is, OH SNAP!!!


The Wades said...

She's beautiful! Your parents made really pretty girls! :)

Your sister is brave posing in front of stores with others walking past. I love that. Hope you had so much fun together.

Robin said...

WOW!!!! These are incredible! LOVE them! The color is TDF!